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Happiness, Healing, Enhancement
Happiness, Healing, Enhancement:
Your casebook collection for applying positive psychology in therapy.
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A Note from George Burns

Welcome to my website. It is my belief that we all want to be happy and I feel privileged to be able to devote my professional life to helping others achieve this. In recent years psychology has shifted its focus from simply helping people resolve the problems and challenges of life to finding more ways to discover our individual strengths, enhance the quality of our lives and live a happier existence. As you will discover in the following pages, I spend my days consulting with people in my office, writing books and training colleagues in the skills and processes that can best help each of us live a more enjoyable, meaningful, fulfilled and enriched life.

This site provides information about the practice of, George Burns & Associates, about some of my workshops and training programs, about my books, and about the professional development study tours I lead for health professionals. I hope you find it helpful and beneficial. Thank you for visiting.

George W. Burns    
Clinical Psychologist    

About George W Burns

George W BurnsGeorge W Burns is an Australian clinical psychologist whose innovative work as a practitioner, teacher and writer is recognised nationally and internationally. He was appointed Adjunct Professor at The Cairnmiller School of Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy in recognition of his distinguished contribution to psychology. He has been an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at Edith Cowan University, Director of The Milton H. Erickson Institute of Western Australia and former Director of The Hypnotherapy Centre of Western Australia. In 2012 he was invited to contribute his work to a United Nations High Level Meeting and has been honoured with Life Membership to both the Australian Psychological Society and Institute of Clinical Psychologists.

In addition to some 50 articles and book chapters, George has published eight books (click on Books By George above). A frequent keynote lecturer and workshop trainer in America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia, he has been described as a “master clinician” by eminent colleagues, and as “among some of the world's best therapists” by the Milton H Erickson Foundation.  His book, Happiness, Healing, Enhancement, has been lauded by Distinguished Professor Jon Carlson as “the most useful manual ever developed for therapists.”

George volunteers as a Clinical Psychologist in the Himalyan kingdom of Bhutan, most recently helping to establish as new youth drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre based on a therapeutic model of happiness and wellbeing.

George’s approach to consulting and teaching blends a wealth of research knowledge, clinical background and personal life experiences in a relaxed and pleasant style aimed at providing hands-on skills for the enhancement of happiness and well-being.

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